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Doctors Advise Parents to Worry About the Flu | Parenting |

Professionals say parents should be more concerned about the flu than coronavirus. — Read on–doctors-te Advertisements


Love Has Everything To Do With It.

We have to start sowing seeds of Love and Positivity in our children early and reinforce at every opportunity.

Junior PGA Golf Camp Chronicles -Day 1 – Recap

Junior PGA Golf Camp Day 1 – is in the books and he is loving every moment.

Summer Apps and Tablet Chronicles

Since we are destined to tow around the tablet wherever we go over the summer I plan on it being multi functional.

Summer Learning

We are continuing that through the summer with one 15-30 minute session in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sessions include reading, math, Spanish, science, social studies, visits to the library and arts and crafts.

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