About SBG


Stylish SBG Living is a destination and platform dedicated to supporting women to live a stylish, balanced, fulfilled lifestyle and being stylish all day everyday while living life to the fullest.

A mom of a daughter Saniel and a son RJ. Wife to Kenneth a retied military veteran.

As a mom of a 28 year old daughter who is a professional athlete and 6 year old son who is a vivacious and curious little guy, I am blessed beyond measure. I created this website after I resigned to be a stay at home mom. My goal was to spread some love and life experiences to other women and hopefully encourage them to live their lives to the fullest while being stylish along the way.

I will be sharing all of the fun and not so fun moments of motherhood especially having children who are 22 years apart and being transparent along the way. I will say that my going joke with friends and family is that I really love Kenneth. In addition I will share fashion tips and Life(Style). We all want to be the best parent we can be and sharing our best ideas and what works will help to make all of our motherhood journey better. 

Look forward to connecting with you!