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Happy Women’s History Month


Summer Açaí Bowl

✨✨HELLO SUMMER ✨✨Yummy 🤤 Yum 🤤 Yum 🤤 This is my Favorite Summer Go To Meal and hope you try it too ☀️✨ These Açaí bowls are easy to make at home and can go for any meal of the day. It’s a healthy option for lowering complex carbs and sugars. I’ve been fixing these…

Summer Fun & Learning Activities

Part of our summer includes supplemental learning materials that I use to keep my son ready for the upcoming school year. These resources are easy for the kids to use and take about 15-30 minutes sessions daily. One of the books Summer Bridge Activities includes a reward system and even has exercise activities that are…

Meal Prep Is A Way Of Life 🙌🏾

Prep & Restock Done ✅ These food preps have been saving me lots of time and stress especially with weekend wake ups and when RJ wakes up early during the week. He loves overnight oats and that he can grab it himself and eat. With his allergies most of his food have to be prepared…

Homeschool Year Wrap Up 📚👏🏾

✨ Our first full year of Homeschooling was a Success in every way👏🏾🙏🏾📚Lots of fun and growing along the way! As we looked at searching different options for RJ’s return to school last year we decided to take the step and commit to homeschooling. As a 3rd Grader we knew he would be able to…


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