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Parenting Through Quarantine

It’s all fun, games and tons of laughs until you remember that you are now Mom, Teacher, Computer Technician, Homemaker, Full Time Chef, Stuffed Animal Wrangler, Lego pieces and train track finder.


“I Said I Want the Red Bowl!” Responding to… | PBS KIDS for Parents

As we all adjust to homeschooling during the COVID-19 outbreak and these uncertain times. Change can be hard for everyone and that is multiplied for children. We have to remember that our childrens schedules and their sense of structure has been upended. They are missing their teachers, friends, schedule play dates and extra curricular activities. I know that we can get through these times … Read More “I Said I Want the Red Bowl!” Responding to… | PBS KIDS for Parents

Positive Parenting Toolbox- “The Fruits of the Spirit”

I feel we all try to make sure that we are exhibiting positive parentings skills and get as much as we can in that positive parenting toolbox.


Managing My Son’s Food Allergies at Home and Away

“I’m just hungry, can we just stop at every restaurant and ask if they have gluten-free foods”…this is going to be hard and I’m struggling but this will work out. It has to work out because there is no bypass allergy button. Wish me luck in this journey!

YMCA Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

YMCA South Florida Water Safety and Drowning Prevention efforts highlighted through their Mommy Bloggers Influencer Event.

Junior PGA Golf Golf Camp Chronicles – Day 2

Junior PGA Golf experience for his first time being on the course and learning how to play.

Junior PGA Golf Camp Chronicles -Day 1 – Recap

Junior PGA Golf Camp Day 1 – is in the books and he is loving every moment.

Mommy Summer Camp Woes

To be honest I am more like a drone mom because I am on the lookout for everything  coming from everywhere and everybody.

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