Here’s 4 Self-Care Sunday Tips for Under $20

Self care should really be done every day day but in reality, we have to build in time into our schedules to take care of ourselves without feeling guilty and regretting that we didn’t get other tasks done. I’m trying to get better at taking care of myself so today I’m dedicating some well neededContinue reading “Here’s 4 Self-Care Sunday Tips for Under $20”

Love Has Everything To Do With It.

We have to start sowing seeds of Love and Positivity in our children early and reinforce at every opportunity.

It’s Okay To Be Different

✨Don’t be afraid of being different✨  I am sure this story is not new or uncommon to many but it has taken me until now to share some of what I experienced as a teenager with anyone outside of my immediate family and very close friends. It may have taken me until my 30’s toContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be Different”