Junior PGA Golf Camp Chronicles -Day 1 – Recap

Day 1 of Golf Camp is in the books!

RJ had a great day and experience today at camp all. The Golf Pro and RJ described his day as being curious and him wanting to ask a lot of questions of which I am sure he needed answers. I would expect nothing less from RJ and knowing him I figured day 1 would include every question he had about golf. 😂He’s ready for day 2 and the rest of the week. I have a confession and have no shame in sharing, Yes, I stayed at the course with a watchful eye to see what was happening.

It was his first day at the course, camp and meeting the Golf Pro so there was no way was leaving him or going too far. Yes, I was having separation anxiety but it was necessary. .

I know I am not the only mom out here who does this. Who else wants to confess? I feel like I am starting all over again as if I didn’t go though this 22 years ago. I remember being anxious with some things related to my daughter but not to this level. I think it’s because I’m older and that just has me on guard🤣

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