Ground Turkey Penne Pasta

Tasty Tuesday’s with Ground Turkey Penne Pasta! 🍝 This tasty and tender penne pasta dish is a great combination of noodles, ground turkey and your favorite sauce. It’s topped with grated Parmesan cheese and parsley flakes. This is a tasty and easy recipe to prepare and takes about 30 minutes. One of the things IContinue reading “Ground Turkey Penne Pasta”

Tasty Tuesday – Chicken Paella

Tasty Tuesday Time! Chicken Paella is quick, easy and tasty meal to fix when you’re running short on time for dinner. I usually fix a big batch so that we have leftovers and for second servings 😂 I’m looking forward to trying my hand at Seafood Paella with some of my favorite seafoods. Can’t waitContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday – Chicken Paella”

Tasty Tuesday – Spicy Asian Zinger Wings

This “Tasty Tuesday” recipe is a mix of sugar and spice … literally. I paired Buffalo Wild Wings Asian sauce with some of my favorite sauces, brown sugar and ended with a zinger taste and flavor for these wings. These tasty chicken wings will leave you wanting more every time you prepare them. You canContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday – Spicy Asian Zinger Wings”

2020 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide For Her

The Christmas Holidays this year is like no other we’ve experienced. Shopping and getting together with family and friends for Christmas may not be possible in the traditional sense but we can still stay connected. Shopping online makes it easy to send those special gifts directly to our loved ones safely. Hope you are ableContinue reading “2020 Holiday Shopping Gift Guide For Her”

Let’s Talk About My Afternoon At Ann Taylor- How to style your fall looks

My Afternoon at Ann Taylor shopping their fall collection was an experience to remember! The start of fall fashion season brings on the anticipation of the looks that we can incorporate into our wardrobe and how to easily transition with our current style. With that in mind, I will be sharing my experience, some ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk About My Afternoon At Ann Taylor- How to style your fall looks”

YMCA Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

YMCA South Florida Water Safety and Drowning Prevention efforts highlighted through their Mommy Bloggers Influencer Event.

Summer Learning

We are continuing that through the summer with one 15-30 minute session in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sessions include reading, math, Spanish, science, social studies, visits to the library and arts and crafts.

My Blessings

 I hope you and yours are having an awesome Sunday. . I am not an over sharer of information but I am having a revaluation day. You see before you a mom of a 27 year old and a 5 year old that she never thought she would have been blessed to have in herContinue reading “My Blessings”