Summer Apps and Tablet Chronicles

With summer here and RJ out of school we want to make sure he retains what was learned over the past year and prepare him for the upcoming school year. One of the ways we keep him ready is by utilizing workbooks, packets that we create from his next grade level and above work, apps that are relevant to his upcoming grade and above and specific learning videos.
With vacations, summer camps, road trips and of course some sick days blended in to the schedule there is more than enough opportunity to build in an educational plan to keep our little Einsteins sharp. When traveling with tablets in tow we use the following educational apps in rotation based on their availability.

Since we are destined to tow around the tablet wherever we go over the summer I plan on it being multi functional. He will have his designated entertainment viewing based on approved sites etc, but we will also have learning factored in to the tablets usage. A few of the sites below have free printable worksheets that are printable and used in the car on those long trips.

ABCYya App –
ABC Mouse –
Starfall ABC’s App –
Moose Math –
Fabian Jr –
Fish School –
PBS Kids –
ABC Ninja –

I also use YouTube as a resource with some math, reading, social studies lessons, but it is monitored and limited to the specific topic alone. This is obviously the hardest option because there are ads for other topics popping up that may not be relevant to what you are covering and then they want to watch those videos and it distracts from what you are trying to accomplish during that moment.

Some of the apps have a monthly fee, some of them allow you to utilize some of the learning tools without a subscription and as you go to higher levels you are required to subscribe.
What are some of the ways you bridge the learning time between the end of the school year, summer break and the start of school for the next year.



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