8 Online Learning Resources for Kids During the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak!

8 Online Learning Resources for Kids During the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Outbreak! In these uncertain times we are all having to adjust our lives and thinking around our family’s safety, our children’s continued learning and what we do individually to support what is occurring with the corona virus pandemic.

Doctors Advise Parents to Worry About the Flu | Parenting | TLC.com

Professionals say parents should be more concerned about the flu than coronavirus. — Read on http://www.tlcme.com/parenting/the-flu-is-a-much-bigger-threat-than-the-coronavirus–doctors-te

Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

I pulled together a few ideas and valentine’s day gift guides for kids, him and her that are listed below. Hope these Valentine’s Day gift ideas will help you in selecting gifts for your loved ones. I selected gift items in various price ranges for the whole family that would gentle on your budget.

Positive Parenting Toolbox- “The Fruits of the Spirit”

I feel we all try to make sure that we are exhibiting positive parentings skills and get as much as we can in that positive parenting toolbox.

Managing My Son’s Food Allergies at Home and Away

“I’m just hungry, can we just stop at every restaurant and ask if they have gluten-free foods”…this is going to be hard and I’m struggling but this will work out. It has to work out because there is no bypass allergy button. Wish me luck in this journey!