Ground Chicken & Spinach Lasagna

It’s Tasty Tuesday! This Tuesday we have this tasty Lasagna!! This in one of my best so far! It’s layered with ground chicken and heavy on the spinach. It looks and is quite tasty. 🤤 are you hungry yet? I think this recipe is perfect for a Sunday dinner or during the week. It wouldContinue reading “Ground Chicken & Spinach Lasagna”

Tasty Tuesday – Spicy Asian Zinger Wings

This “Tasty Tuesday” recipe is a mix of sugar and spice … literally. I paired Buffalo Wild Wings Asian sauce with some of my favorite sauces, brown sugar and ended with a zinger taste and flavor for these wings. These tasty chicken wings will leave you wanting more every time you prepare them. You canContinue reading “Tasty Tuesday – Spicy Asian Zinger Wings”

Thai Sweet Chili Shrimp

One thing that we have constantly had since we have been on quarantine is Sunday dinner and the family connection and conversations that go with us all being in the same place. Before COVID we would have dinner together but with traveling and possible other commitments for business or projects, there were some Sundays where our whole family would not be in the same place so we missed some of that bonding.

The space you’re in was designed especially for you.

I have learned to own my space, make it work to my advantage and make space for others. It’s taken a journey of being told I didn’t fit in spaces that pushed me to create my space and blossom. It is not as easy as it seems as it takes courage, determination, failures, wins and feeling defeated before feeling a level of confidence to own your space.

Summer Swimwear for under $20

If you’re looking for affordable swimwear to wear on vacation, poolside or at your home pool then I have the list of hot suits for you. I have been on the search for swimwear that’s stylish and make a statement but won’t break the bank.

Staying Positive During COVID-19

Whatever your go to source is for remaining positive during these times, it is important to not allow all of the negative noise around us during these times drag us down and dim our positive light. Remember that the glass is always refill and never half empty.

Influencer Guest Host Experience for Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week 2020

As an Influencer I had the distinct pleasure and honor to be a Guest Host for the Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week 2020 Runway Show. It provided a suitable and engaging environment for up and coming fashion designers and models to showcase their talent and designs.

Dreamin in Denim!!

Dreamin in Denim!!….The varying textures of denim fabric has really evolved over the past few years and there has been a renewed interest in denim looks.