Staying Positive During COVID-19

I am a positive minded person and feel that the glass is always half full and always refillable. The first weeks of COVID-19 and trying to get used to the new normal that would go from what I thought would be about a month or two to now going into 5 months tested my positivity. What is happening around us can overwhelm and drain our energy and positive attitudes. There is no doubt that the devastation of the pandemic is not easily overlooked when it comes to the health, safety and security of our families, friends and everyone affected. After the first month I had to start taking time to balance what was happening and how I could stay positive and not allow all of the changes and our new normal to negatively affect my attitude and our family.

Here are some of the ways I helped myself stay positive and encouraged while still dealing with the total chaos of homeschooling, social distancing and having to change and adjust to the new normal.

Staying Positive – My glass is always half full and always refillable.

Meditation and Prayer
I take about 15-20 minutes each morning to read my devotional, write in my daily prayer journal and go to my prayer closet. This time allows me to rejuvenate myself as I look at the day before and prepare for the day ahead.

Take time to exercise for about 15-30 minutes daily or as possible during the week. Even if I’m making extra trips up and down the stairs to get in more activity. Another way is practicing my golf swing with our son in the backyard or trying to work out my daughter while she is training. Sometime it’s hit or miss but I feel better once it over even though I may be exhausted.

I love to write so it helps that I am able to write down what’s happening around me and how I can look at it as a learning and growing opportunity. Sometimes I only get to write one or twice a week because it’s crazy or I’m exhausted.

Whatever your go to source is for remaining positive during these times, it is important to not allow all of the negative noise around us during these times drag us down and dim our positive light. Remember that the glass is always refillable and never half empty.

Stay Well and Stay Safe!



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