Parenting Through Quarantine

It’s all fun, games and tons of laughs until you remember that you are now Mom, Teacher, Computer Technician, Homemaker, Full Time Chef, Stuffed Animal Wrangler, Lego pieces and train track finder. This is my new life at least for the foreseeable future and I know i’m not alone and cheering all of us on along the way. We’ve got this and we don’t need to be perfect, and i’m not event trying. I am just trying to do the best during this COVID-19 pandemic and get us through the end of the school year. With all of the risks involved in him going back to school and no assurances that he will be safe I will adjust for as long as needed. I had been homeschooling him up until he started Pre-K so maybe this is a sign that I should homeschool him full time next year.

How are you doing out there? I’m on week 5 of Virtual Learning and I must admit that the first few weeks had me pulling my hair out and my days were the longest. I felt like I was missing some of his work assignments as I was trying to maneuver the schools online portal. I knew my son had a full day of school away from home but did not realize it was this much work. I love his teacher and how she has ensured that the class stays connected daily. He loves that he has a virtual homeroom were they have morning announcements, math and critical thinking problem solving session. Its so good to see the class interact and share their activities with each other. My son is having fun and love that he is home and can go from class to playroom in a split second. I am not sure mommy is too happy with that one but its the least of concern based on what else is going on.

How are you guys doing with the work assignments? It seems that the work keeps increasing as the weeks go by. He has 2 biographies that he has to write by next week. I am still trying to remember if I had to do that in 1st Grade but know I didn’t. He loves math and whips through solving the problems and gets the writing done slowly. I am also his built in cheerleader so I am cheering along every step of the way.

During this coronavirus pandemic and such uncertain times, things have changed for all of us in more ways than we ever imagined. The choice is to be realistic and know that my family’s health and safety along with our family and everyone we come in contact with as well is important. I’m choosing to make the most of this time at home as well as find ways to enjoy this time with my loved ones. I am also taking moments for some long overdue self care and journaling. I encourage you all to make the most of this time at home and most importantly stay safe!

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Stay safe and we will all get through this stronger than when we began.


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  1. Stay safe….

    1. Thank You and same to you….

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