Do your Kids Read a Book or Listen to Audiobooks?

If it’s about the Titanic then he’s all in and I’m trying to remember all the highlights.

I love that RJ had a passion for reading and learning about history so I try to mix up how we find stories and/or movies that he can read or watch. Sometimes we switch up where he’s listening to the audiobook while I read a book. Other times we switch up and he reads the book and I listen to an audiobook. I’m kind of happy there are audiobooks because in some ways my house won’t be overrun by books. I’m already struggling to keep track of books.

RJ was listening to the audio book of “A Night To Remember” which is a 1958 British historical film that recounted the final night of the RMS Titanic. I was reading “Becoming” by @michelleobama

There are two thought processes in that it can be a risk in having kids listen to books instead of reading them. While having them listen to stories read by others can also give them other experiences and exposure when they don’t have physical access to get books at a library or bookstore. As a parent I’ll use every tool in the learning tool box to prepare and help RJ expand his knowledge and enjoyment of history.

Do you allow your kids to listen to audio books?

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