“I Said I Want the Red Bowl!” Responding to… | PBS KIDS for Parents

As we all adjust to homeschooling during the COVID-19 outbreak and these uncertain times. Change can be hard for everyone and that is multiplied for children. We have to remember that our childrens schedules and their sense of structure has been upended. They are missing their teachers, friends, schedule play dates and extra curricular activities.

I know that we can get through these times with using everything in our parenting toolbox and be successful in our kids continued learning and development. I came across this article with a few resources that could help as we move forward.

How are you doing adjusting to homeschooling and trying to maintain a schedule and balancing?

Learn how to turn children’s moments of irrational behavior into lessons that teach them how to manage their emotions.
— Read on www.pbs.org/parents/thrive/said-want-red-bowl-responding-toddlers-irrational-behavior

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