Our Vegan Toddler!

How does a toddler decide he is a Vegetarian?

RJ_Vegetarian KidWhen I was growing up and with my daughter there was no option to decide if you were a vegetarian at 3 years old but my son is standing steadfast in his decision. He is now 4 years old and we are in the same place of him not eating any meat. It is one of the most puzzling things that I have experienced with my son and I think I have figured out how it happened. As we started teaching him about animals and watching videos of them and in his books we noticed that he started refusing to eat any meat. He kept saying he does not like meat.

We eat pretty healthy in our home with fruits and vegetables but we do not eat meat and stay away from fried foods. As a baby we would feed RJ homemade prepared fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, applesauce and then started adding chicken hot dogs, dinosaur chicken nuggets, broiled fish, spaghetti with turkey meat sauce, rice and ground turkey.

Well, I have had to get creative in making sure he is getting all of the required nutrition and not lose my mind in trying to figure out what to feed him. He now eats pasta with cheese, tuna sandwiches, boiled eggs, cheese pizza, salads, grilled cheese, yogurt, broccoli and every vegetable you put in front of him or almost anything that does not have meat. We also supplement with pediasure, vitamins and making sure he gets protein from other foods.

His doctors have assured me that he is healthy and ahead of his grown percentile. But I can’t help but scratch my head everyday trying to be creative in making sure he gets the right nutrition. He proudly says he is a vegetarian and not a meatatarian (if there is such a name). I have no idea how he came up with that name. His new saying now is that he is a herbivore not a carnivore. Who knew? I think we are in for run with him being more determined not to eat meat. I hear from some moms that they have had this experience and that it goes away after a few years and some say it continued through their teenage years.

Would appreciate hearing from other parents who have had similar experiences or going through it now. Please share any ideas on fun and tasty kids recipes you have tried.

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  1. We went through a long time with my oldest not eating meat. She is 17 now but they actually had us start her on peanut butter, long before she should have had it, when she was really young because she refused all forms of meat. Even to this day it is not something she will openly choose to have but will eat it. She really hates the smell of cooking meat but if it is served to her cooked she will eat some – especially bacon.

    1. It’s interesting how they get to not liking or eating meat. The peanut butter option was suggested as well but our son has not been tested yet and my husband is allergic to nuts. He used to eat turkey bacon as well and now will not touch it. Glad your daughter is adjusting somewhat to eating some meats. I am in for an interesting ride. Best.

  2. Your son sounds like he knows his own mind! I’ve been veggie since I was 11, although the rest of my family eat meat (and I cook it for them). I’m not sure how I’d feel about my children becoming vegetarian, as you’ve said in your post it can be difficult to get them to eat all the nutrients you need. It does sound like your son is doing well, though, and if he eats fish and cheese (how about eggs and beans/lentils?) then that’s great.

    1. There is no shaking him on changing his mind to eat meat. Thank goodness there is pediasure and children’s vitamins. Wow, you have been a vegan for awhile. He does like eggs without the yolk so that is a great source of protein for him as well.

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