Our Toddler RJ has a YouTube Channel….. “Welcome to “RJ’s World Toy Review”

RJ has been watching YouTube for the past year for learning and for fun. About 1 year ago he asked if he could have his own YouTube Channel. We thought about it and decided to wait until he was 4 before taking the step to launch the channel. We decided to use the channel as a reward and ties into his behavior and reports from school each week.


RJ’s World Toy Review is geared to children and families. We encourage you to join our 4 year-old RJ as he reviews toys and fun adventures to cool places. He loves to play with Thomas and Friends, Rescue Bots, Lego, Airplanes, Play Doh, Construction Sets, Monster Trucks, and much more! Join him on adventures to Toys-R-Us, parks, learning about nature, traveling, amusement parks, sign words and math challenge, weekly treasure box and much more!

RJ loves seeing himself on television and on his tablet. So far this has been a great motivator for him with his behavior at school and at home. This is going to be an awesome adventure as we take this journey.

I would appreciate if you could check out the channel, like and subscribe along with any feedback.

Thanks and all the best!



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