It’s Okay To Be Different

✨Don’t be afraid of being different✨ 

I am sure this story is not new or uncommon to many but it has taken me until now to share some of what I experienced as a teenager with anyone outside of my immediate family and very close friends. It may have taken me until my 30’s to really appreciate how being different was an asset and not a liability. Now that I am in my 50’s being different and unique is everything! ✨ 

I had to grow into myself and learn to appreciate my uniqueness as golden and an asset. I was extremely shy and was an introvert all through high school. I had four true friends my entire time in high school. What made my experience more difficult was that I was from another country already trying to figure out the puzzle of being a teenager in a space where being bullied just for existing was overlooked and there was no outlet to get help. I can’t count the times I complained to teachers and administrators and the answer was just deal with it you are new and have to get used to everything and pot be so sensitive. My mom shared her concerns with the administration and my teachers and nothing was done. 

I can now say that it’s interesting to see how some of the people who bullied and teased me during high school see me and now and want to be friends or look at me and say “you look great and look so different”… No I don’t I am the same person you bullied and made fun of, now you just see what you wish to see on the outside and not what lies inside. I even had some of them try to ask me out when I was single. The person that I am inside and outside have not changed. My clothes changed with the season and fashion, my face stayed the same (literally looked the same now as I did in high school)….The afraid teenage girl who tried to find a way to fit into a new environment has made her way through the cloud and haze of that time and have gained strength that lead me to be the woman I am today. I am happy to be unafraid of being different and purposefully look for ways to stand out. 

Be different! It looks good on You!!! ❤️✨❤️🔥

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  1. Self love does take time but its the best love. Only when we love and value ourselves, can we truly give off ourselves.

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