The Parklander Magazine Feature – “Maskateers”

Thanks to The Parklander Magazine for featuring my daughter Saniel Atkinson-Grier and myself in their “Our Community Responds” June Issue that profiled community members and businesses who came together to make and donate masks to medical facilities workers, front line employees and first responders.

When COVID-19 started to spread my daughter and I had a conversation on designing masks for our family and for friends. As COVID-19 continued to spread and the guidance was given for masks to be worn to help reduce the chances of contracting the disease. My daughter saw a segment on the Rachel Maddow show that there was a critical need for front line medical staff to get masks and that they were struggling to find resources to get them. As front line workers they needed these masks for their safety as they stood on the front line in combatting COVID-19 and working non-stop in saving patients. Knowing what was needed and the pace of how the virus was spreading there was no other decision than to start working. We had two sewing machines and other resources so we headed to the fabric store and started our process of making masks that we donated to local medical centers, health care and front line essential workers.

As a track and field athlete training in the high jump for the 2020 Olympics my daughter’s training and travel was placed on hold so she decided to continue designing sportswear while she waited on what decisions would be made on upcoming competitions out of the country, in the US and the Olympics. Once she realized that there was a growing need for everyone to wear masks she shifted her focus from designing sportswear and competition wear to making masks and having them available for purchase on her ETSY page LGNDRY and expanded the prints options that were available. There are women, mend and children masks available either with or without a filter. I have added a few of the prints available on the shop in the post.

I am humbled and blessed that we were able to do something to contribute to our healthcare, front line, first responders and essential workers safety and for our community.

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