Nail Care on a Budget

Well it happened again! I went to the local Dollar Store to grab bunny ears for an activity at RJ’s school and found what may be my new favorite nail care regimen. My nails are sensitive to tips because of the glue and the gel that is used to secure the tips. With that being said, I have not had my nails professionally done for a few years because the end result is my nails burn and itching immediately after the application begins and that is unacceptable from a health standpoint. They may look great but the risk and affect on my hands is not worth it for any reason. Since that has occurred I usually handle my nails myself or my daughter gives me a manicure when she is home.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this Amope Pedi Perfect Nail Care system and was compelled to get one for me, my daughter and a few for friends. It comes in pink and blue and also have nail care oil and replacement nail care heads for the system. The Manager of the store stated that the Nail Care System is a new addition to their product offerings and should be available in stores across the country.  Went back the next day and half the display case was empty.



Hope you get an opportunity to stop in your local store and try it out. Happy Dollar finds shopping.

All the best until next time.




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