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Jump Into The Jungle!

There’s nothing like comfortable sneakers and slip ons! These animal print styles can be dressed up or dressed down. Don’t miss out on these beauties. You can pair with jeans and a tee, jeans and long sleeve, shorts and tee or with a pullover. You can’t go wrong with any of these styles. You can instantly shop these looks by following me on the … Read More Jump Into The Jungle!


Fashion lookahead: Seven major looks for 2020 — BBC News – Entertainment & Arts

I have had a love for bright and bold colors and can’t wait to see how they are blended into or take over the upcoming fashion season. It’s fair to say that if it’s a yellow, pink or green neon I am going to be paying up with everyone else as we hit the style options this season. I am looking forward to seeing … Read More Fashion lookahead: Seven major looks for 2020 — BBC News – Entertainment & Arts

There is Beauty in Simplicity

Floral Tiered Fit And Flare Dress I always loved bold colors and would wear mostly on the weekends. Now I am in them every chance I get along with having more fun with my new style. . To my surprise I found this simply gorgeous dress in @express on sale and couldn’t leave without it especially since I also get a military discount on all purchases … Read More There is Beauty in Simplicity


My Pageantry Backstory

I have been asked how I ended up competing in pageants, why I decided to do it and how was the experience. . . In 2008 and 2009 my daughter @satkinsongrier competed in the Miss Maryland Teen USA Pageant. One of the directors thought she was my sister and suggested for me to compete in the Ms. Pageant. Once she found out I was … Read More My Pageantry Backstory

Be Yourself!


Nail Care on a Budget

Well it happened again! I went to the local Dollar Store to grab bunny ears for an activity at RJ’s school and found what may be my new favorite nail care regimen. My nails are sensitive to tips because of the glue and the gel that is used to secure the tips. With that being said, I have not had my nails professionally done … Read More Nail Care on a Budget

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