She Can Fly!


IMG_3692 I am having a proud Mommy Moment!!!!……………My woman crush Wednesday is my humble, amazing and talented daughter @satkinsongrier❤️ What an amazing shot and collaboration between San and @rnicholsonphoto🔥San is dedicated to following her passion, purpose and dreams. As my daughter she continues to be an inspiration for me to follow my dreams. Proud of her and look forward to the next chapter and seeing the rest of the amazing work from her, Ryan and Jason. I can’t wait and I know it will be on🔥🔥🔥 Outfit Designed By @lgndry.mvmt by @satkinsongrier
Stylist: @satkinsongrier📸:@rnicholsonphoto & editing by @jasontracyphoto .

Instagram Post from Instagram:

I met @satkinsongrierduring my time at @altis last year. As much as I enjoyed documenting all the amazing athletes in the midst of training I also wanted to produce images where I had more control and the ability to create an image from start to finish. Thankfully Saniel and I were able to schedule some studio time in Kansas City a few months back and this image is the result of that collaboration. She is a badass high jumper with big dreams both on and off the track. Big thanks to Saniel and @jasontracyphoto for digitech/assisting!

All the best until next time.


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