Finding Joy Through The Storm

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls and fastballs everyday. The outcome and how we handle them as we are going through the storms can be devastating if we don’t stop for a moment and process the why and how to get through them. I have grown to realize that going through storms can be a way of helping us gain more strength and challenge us to look at things differently. My younger self did not understand what my now older self appreciates as growing through the storm. 

Every storm brings me new revelations on who I am and how I have gained the emotional resilience that has made me a stronger person, wife, mother and friend. When the storm comes now I have more self-awareness in how to respond and manage my emotions and situations during the storm. My self-awareness helps me weather the storm and find joy during that time as well as prepare me for the calm after the storm.

There will be times when the storm comes and I feel like walking away and throwing up my hands and calling it quits, but my better self knows that growth is on the other side and a life lesson that will strengthen me for the next storm so that I can thrive.   


Be well until next time.


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