Workout Time Management

When life’s coming at you fast sometimes you need to hit pause and take some time for yourself and reassess how to move forward.

It’s been a crazy week running back and forth to Kenneth’s school for one end of year activity or another. Getting motivated to workout with all of the activities on his schedule has been a challenge so a few days this week I cheated and used the activities at his school as part of my workout.

I am not making excuses for not doing workouts. I am being real in saying that sometimes the plan has to be changed or blown to bits because it just doesn’t fit in when trying to balance all of the scheduled activities, work, school and everything to do around the house with our 100 jobs as mothers.

It’s worst when you have a daughter who is a professional athlete and she trains daily, develops a training plan for you and then it all goes south trying to keep up with the plan. I have had times where I miss going to the gym but find other ways around the house to do some different exercises while sitting and working on my laptop doing leg lifts and folding clothes. Sometimes its only 10 or 15 minutes doing pushups or ab work before going to sleep or when I wake up in the morning.

With summer break starting and my son out of school it will be a balancing act to see how I manage to get my workouts in during the first few weeks when he does not have camp. Just to be clear, I am not trying to loose weight, I am trying to stay healthy and fit so I can hopefully live longer and don’t develop any health issues. With that said, I will not be stressed by missing the opportunity to workout but somehow I will feel guilty because I know it’s important to my health.

Another way to play make up for not getting to the gym is when I go to the park with my son we try to take the bicycles or I just make up games where we have to run after each other. The journey continues and I m sure I ill keep falling off the work out wagon and keep trying to find ways to supplement when possible.

How has your workout and fitness journey going? Or how do you substitute when you can’t get to the scheduled workout?

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