Mommy Summer Camp Woes

So I don’t know about most of you but I have this thing about feeling any part of comfort in having my son participate in summer camps. He was never exposed to daycare or child care outside of our home so we have always been guarded about him being in that type of setting. Some may call it being a helicopter mom or whatever comes to mind but I call it being a concerned mommy. To be honest I am more like a drone mom because I am on the lookout for everything  coming from everywhere and everybody.

His first structured time away for more that an hour at a play center or kids activities was in Pre-K and that was not easy at first. It took about 2 weeks for him to adjust to being away from home. He wanted to know why all the other kids needed the teachers help and attention because he was used to one on one care. It actually was less disruptive to him than I thought and quite stressful for me. Who would have guessed that I would have been in a full panic? Said no one who knows me and how I am so guarded about him.  He was only at Pre-K and there for about 3 hours a day but that still was too much for me at first. I had my phone in my hand just waiting for the teacher to call me about him wanting to come home. I was pleasantly surprised and secretly sad that she never called during the first two weeks and the school year. Let’s be real, I am protective and guarded when it comes to my children. I am even more protective because of the 22 year gap between my two children and now having a son this time around.

Now we were in a new arena with looking into summer camps and deciding what to do for this summer and how to expose him to some of the activities he likes in a camp setting. We researched a few camps locally for basketball, golf and STEM which were the camps he said he wanted to attend. So far we are at the end of his first camp for basketball and we have had no surprises. He has really enjoyed learning the fundamentals and meeting new friends. I guess I could say he is adapting and becoming more independent as he meets new friends and have these experiences. He introduced us to 4 of the kids he met at camp who have all been sharing their Beyblade toy that spins. The Coach said he did a great job and was very engaged in learning the drills, had fun with the other kids and following their direction throughout the week.

When I asked him what parts of camp he liked the most he said racing up and down the court and learning to take a shot. When I asked what he liked the least he said when Coach had them run drills because someone wasn’t listening. Well, I guess all is well that ends well.


Camp number one is in the books and getting ready for the next camps in the upcoming weeks. Golf and STEM camps are up next and he is really excited to learn more about the game and have some fun. I will update on the golf camp and outcome over the net few days.

P.S. I don’t think I will feel any different with him being away for the next camps.



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