RJ Crushed Kindergarten

RJ’s Kindergarten Year has come to an end and we are beyond proud of how much he has grown, learned and enjoyed his time as Kindergartner. We are very proud of our little CEO for his awards and acknowledgement for his hard work and passion for learning. What a fantastic year of learning, making new friends and being just an all around awesome son.

He ended his year with 4 Awards Certificates that included “Mastery- A’s in all subjects for the Principals Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Christian Character and Mr. Manners and Best Reporter Awards. A side note: He is detailed in his explanations and investigative questioning and it’s not only at home.

RJ was also recognized for being in the top 10 percentile overall along with his top percentile for math, reading and percentage increase in math and reading. In total he went onstage 9 times during the awards showcase.
Getting here was not easy and takes a lot of work, patience, balancing of schedules and lots of fun in between to keep a balance. It was not all cotton candy and popcorn with all of the hard work that was done by him and everyone in preparing him for Kindergarten. The blessings and joys of seeing his growth and development has been priceless.

His Kindergarten Teacher is phenomenal. She was the consistent example of patience, respect, structure and commitment. I am in awe and thankful of teachers and what they do to educate our children. He loved his teacher so much that when she had to be out for any reason he was not happy because he thought he would miss out on something she would have taught that day. That was a sign or us that he was definitely adjusting and was in the right class and with the right teacher.

I will share a few of the resources in a later post of what used before he started Kindergarten and during the school year. There are numerous learning tools available that we have utilized to support his learning plan.

All the best until next time! Sandra

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