Lion King Then and Now

I wanted to share a few photos in honor of The Live Action The Lion King Movie being released today. The original Lion King Movie is a family favorite and was the theme of RJs First Birthday Party and his nursery. We are all looking forward to watching the new movie tomorrow! Our little Simba is ready!🦁

I am enjoying reminiscing about the first time both of my children saw Disney’s The Lion King. One was in 1994 with San for the animated release and then in 2015 when my son RJ who was 2 years old and could somewhat enjoy the movie. He then saw it almost daily after that for a long time. We sang the songs in the car, when he was bathing and played it for him to go to sleep, It’s going to be special going to see with the upcoming release of The Lion King with both of my children. I think I’m more excited to be with both of them while they just really want in see the movie.

Fast-forward to 26 years later and RJ’s everything was Lion King themed. Whether it was his 1st Birthday Party or his room decoration we lived the Hakuna Matata life. It was actually his big sister who picked the theme for his room. I remember when he could walk he would stand and dance as the characters were dancing on the screen. I was too funny because he just kept calling trying to stand up. We love watching it as a family and talking about the characters. 

Well in 1994 when the animated version came out my daughter was 3 years old. I think I loved watching it more than she did. I am a Disney kid at heart and it won’t pass with age. I see the same joy of watching new and classic Disney movies with children.

So would you laugh if I told you I have Lion King on VHS and Blue Ray DVD? I am aging myself. lol…….Lion King is by far one of the best @Disney movies ever made. Who else have a VHS of Lion King? I know I am not the only one. We are ready to go see the new live movie this weekend. I will be the one singing loudly along with the kids……

Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata!
Ain’t no passing craze

It means no worries
For the rest of your days
It’s our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!



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