Junior PGA Golf -Camp Week Chronicles

RJ’s Golf Camp is in the books!

RJ had a great week and experience for his first time being on the course and learning how to play. He’s been putting and swinging with Kenny and said he wanted to learn so he can go play with him.

The Golf Pro and RJ described his days as being curious. I would expect nothing less from RJ and knowing him I figure it included every question he had about golf. He is showing a love for playing and said he’s ready for all of us to go out and play together. I guess I have to dust off my clubs and get to it. (I haven’t played in about 13 years)

He said his top moments for the week was learning to chip, swing, putting and how to hold his clubs. He also shared some other moments where they had a thunderstorm and lightning alarm, landed a ball in the bunker, cracked the grip handle on a club, (it was sitting too close to the ball when he went to swing his driver 😳) and seeing lots of lizards.

He now wants to play everyday. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time on the course. I am loving his passion for learning how to play.

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