Let's Connect – Some Fun Facts about Me!

Hi Y’all – I wanted say Hello and Thank You to all of my followers whether you’ve been following for awhile or recently. It’s awesome to connect with you and wanted to share a few facts about myself.

1) I was an introvert until my late teens. Now you couldn’t pay me to go back into my shell.
2) I love cooking and my especially is Jamaican foods.
3) I love music and love to dance. I could be the only one on the dance floor and still keep dancing.
4) I love party planning and entertaining.
5) I resigned from my corporate career to be a stay at home mom and couldn’t be happier about my decision.
6) My daughter dared me to compete in a beauty pageant and I went out there and won the crown Former Mrs Maryland International 2011.

This summer I decided to venture out and try more floral prints and be a bit more bold in my style and dress selections. I’ve been used to wearing suits and suit dresses to work for so long and now don’t have that restriction. I love selecting some fashionista pieces and having some fun dressing up just because I fell like it. I always look for affordable and stylish options in shopping and for items that can be transferable and worn for more than one season. I found this gorgeous splash print dress from Ross and under $30.

Affordable Fashion

Hope to connect with you and hear if we have anything in common or some fun facts about you.



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