Junior PGA Golf Camp Chronicles -Day 3

Junior PGA Golf Camp

He had a great Day 3 and shared lots of stories about his day on the golf course. One of the stories was that he went to tee off and did not realize how close his 8 iron was and accidentally broke the shaft when he swung with his driver. He quickly told me that he has to keep all the clubs in his bag if he’s not using them. He was not happy especially because he is so hyped about having his new golf clubs and not wanting to have anything happen to them. Well it was a great lesson learned and part of the experience in learning the rules and being extra careful with taking care of where his golf clubs are are at all times.

When we visit the simulation center and he practices inside he hits balls up to 34 mph so I can only imaging how he was swinging to shatter the shaft. Yikes! The golf instructor at the clinic said he was swinging like he was hitting a baseball. The funny thing is he has never played tee ball or baseball. He is just swinging to make contact and trying to use all of his power to connect with the ball. If really has been a great experience for him so far and he is having fun which I feel is an important part of the golf camp experience.



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