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    So proud of this young man. He received his results back from his 5 Assessment Tests and scored 100% for all of them. Yahoo!!!! He has been doing extremely well all year and closing out the school year in the same way. We have always taken a deliberate approach at home to teaching him and getting ready for Kindergarten and beyond.

    He is serious about doing well with his grades but let me tell you about the work involved in getting to the results. He will know the answer but wants to have a philosophical discussion on every words meaning and how many ways the math problem can be dissected. What should or could take 15 minutes goes to 30 minutes or 1 hour. When did Kindergarten get so much homework?

    Sometimes I feel guilty having to redirect him because what he is saying makes sense but I don’t want it to take all night. When you look at the load of work that is assigned to kindergarten it looks like it belongs to 2nd grade class. On average there is about 1 to 1 1/2 hour of homework each night that has has to be completed between his school work and Kumon. Then there are 3D projects that are assigned for during the school year, one assigned during each break (spring and winter) and they are never easy projects. I think the teachers send them home for parents to make sure we are in the know and get no days off.

    There really are no breaks from school because the kids bring school home. These projects include real hands on involvement for parents and students. I am not one to allow my son to just sit and watch us do the project. We are all hands on deck getting the items needed to complete and create whatever we have to do for submission.

    How do/did you re-direct your little one and keep up when it comes to doing all of this homework?

    Bring on summer! We will still be doing reviews getting ready for 1st Grade but at least it will not be as much work because I need a vacation from Kindergarten.

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