Celebrating Friendships

Our lives get so busy that we sometimes loose sight of what’s important and the moments that we miss along the way.

Last year when I was transitioning from my career I would have these flashes in my mind of lunch gatherings, girls night and time that I needed to have so that I would continue to cultivate my friendships with my friends who were already in the area where I relocated. To be honest, it was also to get caught up on all that I have missed with working 12-14 hour days at work or still working while I was home. I know that I missed a lot of the moments that were spontaneous with friends and missed my share of scheduled events.

Well I moved and none of what I envisioned in connecting with my friends has happened over the past eight month. Then life happened and I had been so focused on getting our home unpacked, son settled in to school and our household in sync that I forgot to stay true to myself and celebrate my friendships.

I am committed and working on getting better with making time for myself and part of that is spending quality time with my girlfriends. It could be as small as coffee or tea at the coffee shop or a day trip to rejuvenate our minds and spirit. This morning I called my friend who works close to my home and invited her over for lunch and bonding time. I prepared baked Panamei Snapper and served with homemade salad. I added cherry cranberries as a topping for a bit of natural sweet flavor. Working on being a healthier friend and looking out for her health as well.


All the best until next time!


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