Know Your Value

Knowing your value is important in our professional and personal lives. Having the courage to demand what we are worth is not easy and takes a lot of courage. If we don’t take the position to stand up for our worth and what value we bring then we are settling for less and cheating ourselves of being valued for who we are and what we have to offer. Whether it’s in a relationship or career if we don’t stand up diminish our worth.

Having the courage to stand up for our value may be easy for some and for others it’s difficult. Taking little steps towards being courageous in highlighting your value and asking for recognition, placing yourself in a position to be considered for a position or to be treated better in a relationship is ongoing. It’s not expected to happen immediately but we have to be committed to standing up and being bold enough to stand up for what we are worth and not settle.

All the best until next time!


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