Uniquely Perfect

Women’s History Month – Celebrating Our Unique Perfection!

There are days where explicitly or implicitly as women we were expected to be perfect in every way. What I have come to realize is that on those days even though we may see ourselves as perfect in our attire, external appearance, knowledge, have a high level of confidence and exemplary in our performance, there will always be someone who still say we don’t measure up to their level of perfection and what we have done is still not enough.

That sense of fabricated perfection imposed on us by others is a way of keeping us controlled and can place unwanted anxiety and pressure that is just simply mean spirited. Some of that comes from someone feeling inadequate or threatened by our talents and what we have to offer. We have to be confident in ourselves because the world is not going to give us the benefit of the doubt and be confident in us as we are in ourselves.

One of the most stark example of explicit and implicit perfection expectations has been how some media outlets, tennis analysts and spectators have treated Serena Williams. Serena has been targeted for how she looks, her physique, how she dresses and what everyone else expects of her based on their theory or view of what they envision as perfection. What seems to have been continuously overlooked has been her ability to rise above the distractions around her all while become one of the greatest tennis players in history. What’s painfully clear is that even with all of her accomplishments and accolades there will always be people who don’t see pass their view of what she should be and miss out on seeing her true ability and greatness. 

Our truth is that we are perfect in every way. Our creator made us all uniquely perfect and that is sufficient. I have learned to embrace my perfection on my terms and work everyday to be a better person and not by someone else’s expectations or opinion.

Take gratification in your perfection and wear that armor proudly even when the blades start to fly your way. I see all women as perfect in every way. 

Until next time, all the best and be well. 


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