Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Family

Fun Valentine Day Ideas for the Whole Family!

I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is almost here. Weren’t we just celebrating Christmas and New Years yesterday? We are almost in February and before long it will be summer.

I will admit that sometimes planning for the perfect Valentine’s Day can be stressful if you let it. Sometimes less but heartfelt is more and the thought that goes into planning something memorable than costly and creates a lasting memory. I believe in maying Valentine’s Day sentimental, fun and doing the unexpected things that we can go back and talk about after Valentine’s day has passed.

If you are in a crunch for time or prefer to shop for a gift, then my Valentine’s Day Gift Guides will be perfect for you to check out. I have pulled together gift guides for kids, him and her with items ranging from $8 – $100. I also provided the links that will make it easy for you to select. Hope you find something for your loved ones or you are able to take a few suggestions from the list below to make it a fantastic Valentines’s Day.

1. Leave a love note or card for your spouse or kids in different places daily.
a) Pinned to clothes, in shoes, TV, remotes.. etc. b) Favorite cup or mug, inside refrigerator etc. c) In bathroom on the mirror or in shower. d) On Pillow or in their lingerie or pajamas drawer. e) Place them in their car, purses, briefcases, backpacks, lunch boxes, favorite book etc

2. Leave rose petals on the floor leading to different places daily during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. (This one may be tricky if you have kids)

3. Plan for an intimate activity in each of those locations on those days. It could be as intimate as reading a love poem together or something more elaborate. Use your imaginations.

4. Surprise your significant other when they get home by meeting them at the door with a glass of wine, beer or their favorite drink.

5. Take a drive to a nearby park and have an early Valentine’s Day picnic watching the sunset or a late night rendezvous watching the stars.

6. Visit an Arts Gallery and take in some of their Valentine’s Day activities.

7. If you have kids look for activities that will include kids as part of the event.

8. Bake Valentine’s Day cookies with your kids and have them help you fix a Valentines Day dinner for the family.

9. Have fun with using red food coloring to fix dinner and create fun along the way.

10. You really can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed, which also happens to be the best start to Valentine’s Day.

11. Visit a favorite area with restaurants and bars. Instead of sticking to just one spot, hop from place-to-place, grab seats at the bar or if they have an outside seating area, and order different kinds of wine and appetizers while  playing footsie under the table. 

12. Flash back to where it all started for your relationship by reinacting your first date. Play a memory game to see how much details you can remember from your date and order the same items for your evening. 

13. If you and your loved one are into physical fitness go for a bike ride along some of the historic sites in your city. Almost all of the big cities and towns have bike rental websites online, including tandem bikes, that have affordable hourly rates.

14. Seek out some of the areas that are not busy this time of the year and off the beaten path, take a Valentine’s Day weekend excursion somewhere that will get you both exploring the unfamiliar. Make reservations through an Airbnb or other source instead of going through the more expensive hotel options.

15. When museums stay open after-hours, they tend to spice things up by throwing a party or holding a special event—especially on Valentine’s Day. Take an after-dark art tour for two like the one offered by some Museums. Complete with a picnic basket for two, chocolate truffles and champagne, accompanied by live music.

16. Plan a scavenger hunt at home. Think for items you can use to hide that are his and your favorite intimate items. Be creative and make up your own with fun and erotic prizes. (You can also do this for kids by using some of their items they love the most. favorite toy, book, etc.. Make up prizes based on what you do for rewards. If you don’t have a reward system then maybe you can do movie tickets, visit to their favorite park, local ice cream shop, etc. )

17. Venture out for a sip and paint activity in your area. You can find some great deals on Groupon for your area or maybe look for areas a that have museums close by that you can visit. Suggest that you use a car service or designated driver to ensure you’ll get an unforgettable night and reach home safely.

18. February weather isn’t always the most romantic, so if you’d rather stay in on Valentine’s Day, channel your inner kids and play your fave childhood board games. It’s a great way to laugh and bond without just watching a movie like usual.

19. Do something adventurous and out of the norm. If you are in a warmer climate try a hot air balloon ride. If you are in a colder climate then try indoor skydiving. There are great finds on Groupon where you can get up to almost half off the cost.

20. Check out some local talent for a comedy show, open mic or new artist in your area. You can usually find them listed on Eventbrite or Groupon for your areas. Another source is the display boards at your local coffee shops.

Val Day Balloons

Have a Happy and Memorable Valentine’s Day!❤️❤️


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