Being the Change You Want To See

Our society and world can be so cynical and mean spirited that sometimes you wonder how people can be so down right cruel in their intentions, with their words and actions. The hatred is not restricted to adults in their mean spiritedness, they have no reservation in going after children as well. It seems there is no low that is too low for how people treat each other these days. There is no limit to what people say to others that they don’t know, whether in person or while sitting in front of a computer and attacking someone from a keyboard. Civility seems to have ceased or stood still and that has my heart aching as I try to ensure that our son is not affected by so much of the negativity, animosity and hurtfulness that is expressed everyday.

As parents we try to shield our children to the best of our ability but there is always instances where they come face to face with the madness of what is being portrayed as the norm and as an okay way of behaving when it is certainly not okay. We teach our son that the negativity he may hear is not normal or unacceptable. We are blessed that through our discussions and examples that we have shown him and taught him that he has to be the better person in situations where he would encounter any form of negativity.

It’s great to see how he puts that into action when he is out and he sees or hears something that is unacceptable and he will acknowledge that the person is not being nice or that they should say excuse me or thank you.

We teach our son to treat others the way he wants to be treated and that everyone should be valued regardless of their status or social place in the world.  We are not perfect parents or humans but we are delighter to see his positive attitude in how he interacts with his peers. We have to be the change and show them that they too are the change we want to see in our world!


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