Toddler Problem Solving

One of the areas we started to focus on with RJ early is his problem solving skills. He loves to work with puzzles and put thing together. Whether it was building blocks, putting together puzzles, building a toy, putting his Thomas train tracks together or with his playing cards he loves the challenge and always comes away with a new experience. We love that he is eager to learn and will challenge us if he thinks we don’t know the answer. His saying is “you didn’t know that”. We have been wrong at times and we can see how his self esteem continues to grow.


Another source we use for RJ’s development is interactive learning games on his tablet. He loves playing and learning on the tablet with the memory games, puzzles and other word and color games. We generally schedule for him to play with his tablet for designated periods after school or other times and find ourselves giving him extra time to play these games because he is having a great learning experience.

Some of the benefits of playing with puzzles and interactive games is that it builds and improves children’s:  Problem Solving, Cognitive Skills, Motor Development, Hand and Eye Coordination,  Social and Self Esteem.

What are some unique ideas you have used to help improve your child or children’s problem solving and cognitive development?

Here is a site that I have found as a resource. Hope you will be able to check it out.

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