Figure of Speech Through the Eyes of a Toddler

There are times when I am speaking with RJ and he questions what I mean when I say something. There are times when I can literally explain what I am saying in a way that he understands and he will ask questions and I will take time to make sure he is okay with the explanation.

Then, there are times when I am not able to explain because it’s fairly complex or it is a “figure of speech”. One of the figures of speech I use joking sometimes is “I quit, I am not playing anymore”. He quickly tells me that “Mommy, you can’t quit; you’re not supposed to quit. Mommy, you tell me all the time that I can’t quit” I have to explain that I am just frustrated and not really going to quit because it’s only a figure of speech. Well now RJ has started to use that statement on us when he says something that we question or when he says something and then changes his mind.

We were on our way home from an appointment and I remembered that I needed to stop at the supermarket. I mentioned it to RJ and said that he could stay in the car with daddy. He said he did not want to go so that was okay. I then started to get out of the car to go to the supermarket and RJ quickly said he wanted to go with me. When I told him that he said earlier that he didn’t want to go with me he quickly said that it was a figure of speech.


When I asked him to explain what a figure of speech is he said it was when you said something that was funny and then changed your mind. I almost fell out of the car. I have to remember that I am speaking to a 4 year old and at the same time remember that he comprehends and processes on a higher level due to what we have been teaching him. He is very comfortable with challenging me if I may tell him something that he thinks is questionable. He is truly keeping us honest and on alert to be able to answer whatever he throws our way.

At my age I should be sitting under an umbrella in a biking on the beach in the Caribbean sipping a mojito and relaxing in my later years but not me, I am going toe to toe with a 4 year old. I can only imagine that this is not going to get any easier. I need to get sharper because he is obviously going to get better at challenging me every step of the way.

This is when I laughingly say I love my husband.

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