How Did I Get Here?

IMG_1631 2On days when my 4 year old is asking 100 questions a minute and I am helping our 26-year-old daughter manage her Track and Field career along with being a mid-level executive I am forever trying to remind myself how I got here. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and know that the fun times and love outweighs the chaos that sometime fills my days and nights. Here is a backstory of how I am now a generational mom. I was a divorced single mom with a daughter and got re-married to my high school crush. Well, there is a saying I tell family and friends who want to know how I am handling being a mom to a children who are so far apart in age. That saying is “I Love My husband”. I say that because when you are 48 years old with a 22 years old daughter out of college and you can see the destinations on the map where you want to travel and thinking of all the date night fun ahead, you have to love your husband to start over being parents.

Until next time, Best!

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