I always tell myself that motherhood is not for the faint at heart and every woman either by birth, adoption, surrogacy or necessity of caring for a child Mother of the Year! I remember growing up when I was playing with my friends they would all say they wanted to be a mom when they were older and I would say not me. All I wanted to do was work and travel the world. As you will see with my journey though I have been able to travel the world and built a rewarding and memorable career I did this motherhood thing twice.

One would think that once you have a 28 year old you are on the fast track to being an empty nester, have all of the trips planned out of where you would love to visit and everything that comes with it. Well, no it didn’t work out that way and there were other blessings that were in the stars. When my daughter was 22 I gave birth to a vivacious and joyful little boy. My friends were all happy for me and said they would not do it if it was them. They kept saying, you’ve lost your mind in starting over again and once they found out I was having a boy they were really praying for me to survive the antics that were inevitably ensue.

Motherhood round two has not been without its joys and eye opening moments with times where I just kept repeating “I’m blessed and I love my husband”… That’s the answer I would give sometimes when I would get the question on how I started over again. There is no doubt that having children so far apart has it’s differences and then some. I could go on and on about my parenting toolbox, focusing on positive parenting, being more patient, sitting and listening and not being quick to respond when he is deep in explaining or asking questions.

I took some of the parenting tips from my daughter and have developed new parenting tips for my son because no two children are alike even twins can have distinctive differences. I am working on putting together my parenting toolbox that includes, new parenting rules, funny parenting ideas and good parenting skills and share with you all along the way. Sometimes they may not seem as if they are earth shaking and could be just a basic change or idea. What I love about motherhood round two is that I am learning all over again and don’t fell that I have to be perfect.

Hope you come along with me on my bold and loving motherhood journey again and share some of your experiences of motherhood.


Sandra Ann

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