Affirmations for Moms During Covid

This past year have challenged and stretched me at every turn and I know I’m not the only one in this space. Having affirmations that I can go to quickly and remind myself that my glass is still half full as a mom has been helpful and helps me keep a balanced every day. As I sit here to write this blog, I am still in the game as a mommy who’s doing her best to survice Virtual School for my 7-year-old or what I call Parent Academy!

This is no joke and if I told you It’s been okay or easy then I would be lying and I’m not doing that. Some days start out great and then spiral out of control with technical issues, having a 7-year-old bouncing between links, getting booted off the virtual site, trying to scan and submit work, printing assignments, and the list goes on and on. It feels like a roller coaster that just won’t stop and when it looks like it’s slowing down then picks up speed again. There are times when I feel that I’m not doing enough and then pull myself back together and go to one of my affirmations for moms during COVID and beyond listed below. 

Being a Mom is not easy and can sometimes feel like its 24 hours non-stop everything to everybody.  Now add being a mom, teacher and wanting to make sure that we’re doing all I can to help our children adjust is taking our mom mode to another level. Look, I don’t have all of the answers and nobody does. Whether it’s balancing virtual eLearning or having your child back in a classroom, there are challenges seen and unseen that have made our world upside down.



One thing I do know is that in order to get through it we have to stop being so hard on ourselves and give ourselves a break. That’s not an excuse or way of avoiding what we can and cannot control, it’s reality! We need to uplift ourselves constantly to keep going through whatever resources or ways that will help us as parents. There are a few sites that have other Affirmation Lists you can choose from or come up with your own and what works best for you to help you stay positive during these times. 

With being on round two of motherhood and my kids 22 years apart, the one thing that I have learned and know for sure is that I don’t need to be a perfect mom or get it right for everything and every-time. I have learned to give myself grace and try to keep my sanity as much as possible and these affirmations are part of that balance.  It’s my hope that these affirmations can help you as you continue to work on adjusting in these very challenging times. 

Mommy Affirmations

    1. I am doing an amazing job as a mom.
    2. I make mistakes and that makes me human.
    3. My superpower is that I love my family.
    4. I am willing to grow and learn as a mom.
    5. I am not a teacher but doing my best to help.
    6.  Being a good mom takes courage, and today I’m feeling brave.
    7. Today I will see the best in my child and the best in myself.
    8. The decisions made by other moms do not need to dictate mine.
    9. I can lift myself up and help lift other moms. 
    10. I can take time for myself without feeling guilty.
    11. I can ask for help and not feel guilty.
    12. It’s okay to take a mommy bathroom break.
    13. Its okay to hide in the bathroom and cry for a minute and then go back at it.
    14. Don’t judge other moms for not being perfect. 
    15. The kids will be okay. 
    16. We grow stronger from all of our experiences.
    17. We don’t have to know all the answers to the questions. 
    18. Your self-care is important to take care of your family. 
    19. Know when you need to step away.
    20. Give yourself a time out even if it’s a hard 10 count! 

Stay well out there mamas and we will all get through this stronger than we were before.

How are you doing out there with all of this uncertainty?



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