Mommy and Son Time

Well, sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays have been cancelled!! Why can’t kids body clocks on weekend move up at least 2 hours? Why will kids wake up at 6 am on a Saturday and then they want you to be up and fully functional at that time. It’s always, Mommy I am ready to go, ready to play and want to do everything at 6 am. I have one eye open and one eye closed as I try to be responsive to just saying good morning to him. I can’t even think or rationalize moving from one point to the next. I keep saying “I Love my husband”……I will never grow old at this rate because I am always chasing RJ and if it has not caused me to pass out at least I am getting in lots of exercise and it’s keeping me young.

Let’s see what kind of fun we can have today and how much mischief we can get in together. Hope you and your little one(s) have a great weekend. Hug them tight and enjoy the moments even if we get no sleep or have no rest in between.

Until Next Time. Best, GenMom.

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