Joys of Sunset in Parkland

The past few days have been a painful and devastating time for the families who lost their loved ones, others directly affected by the tragedy and our community. These times can test your faith and have you question why and how it could happen. We have been encouraged by the strength, determination and resilience of the students, teachers and our community. As a new member of the community the actions and cohesiveness that we have seen have validated why we moved to this area.

This amazing sunset today also reminded me that God’s beauty and mercy is never ending and the glory seen in the sunset we see everyday. It also reminds me to be thankful for the small things and not take for granted that I am here to see this everyday.

Remember to be happy for the small things that we sometimes take for granted and tell the people around us that we love and care for them. I have hugged and kissed my son so much since last week that he now tell me to stop hugging him or he just jugs me first.

Until Next Time. Be Well!


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