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Summer Açaí Bowl


✨✨HELLO SUMMER ✨✨Yummy 🤤 Yum 🤤 Yum 🤤

This is my Favorite Summer Go To Meal and hope you try it too ☀️✨

These Açaí bowls are easy to make at home and can go for any meal of the day. It’s a healthy option for lowering complex carbs and sugars. I’ve been fixing these a few times a week and it’s both filling and yummy 🤤

Get creative in your ingredients and enjoy! Let me know if you create one and how you like it 🥰

Açaí Bowl Recipe Below:



  1. In a blender, combine açai, bananas, chia seeds, strawberries, mango and coconut milk until smooth.⁣
  2. Place into serving bowl and top with Sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberry, granola, raspberries⁣ & shredded Cocconut.

✨Superfood Benefits⁣

Summer Açaí Bowl

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