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Homeschool Year Wrap Up 📚👏🏾


Our first full year of Homeschooling was a Success in every way👏🏾🙏🏾📚Lots of fun and growing along the way!

As we looked at searching different options for RJ’s return to school last year we decided to take the step and commit to homeschooling. As a 3rd Grader we knew he would be able to mange the work so we weren’t concerned about RJ adjusting, I was concerned about how I would handle balancing it all. Well…. I was concerned for no reason…. I guess you call it doing the unknown nervousness mommy syndrome.

Homeschool Math Test Sets

One thing is certain is that we are invested in RJ’s education and that drives our decision making. He loves learning and passionate about what he learns so that made it that much easier to transition. There learning curves along the way but nothing that we couldn’t handle. See some of our highlights below:

Homeschool Highlights This Year:

  1. Ended 3rd Grade on a mid 5th Grade Level.
  2. Expanded his passion for STEM and History with all things airplanes, trained and automobiles. (Visits to air Museum & Train Museum?
  3. Lego Masters Class Participation (won 3 Challenges with his Builds)
  4. Worked independently in completing assignments, reviews and testing.
  5. Flexibility for schooling when traveling and outside no or adjusting to meet our family rhythm and needs.
  6. Used application of what he was learning around our home.
  7. Flexibility to move forward if he mastered the subject or topic.
  8. We found a rhythm that kept him focused and allowed me to still handle household affairs and the ability to work simultaneously.
This Is Homeschool – 3rd Grade (2021-2022)

We’ll be splitting his grade next year as we tailor his curriculum to meet his needs, passions and interests. I’ll keep you all posted once I’ve completed planning his curriculum. I never thought I’d say this but I’m looking forward to our second year of homeschooling.

Let me know if you’re homeschooling and how it’s going?

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