Fashion lookahead: Seven Major Looks for 2020

I have a love for bright and bold colors and can’t wait to see how they are blended into or take over the upcoming fashion season. It’s fair to say that if it’s a neon yellow, pink, orange or green I am going to be paying up with everyone else as we hit all of the in styles this season.

I am looking forward to seeing what the designers come up with for prints and new patterns that will surly make heads turn or have us looking for where to buy them quickly. Looking at all of the fashion pieces and designers ideas for accessories is already giving me ideas of what my spring/summer wardrobe will include. If what I see with this fashion look ahead is any indication of what’s to come. I here for all of it.

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So what’s catching my eye as well with one of the upcoming fashion looks is the big bag phenomenon. Something practical that o can get with Ana literally throw the kitchen sink in my bag. I used to be a small bag carrier until my need to carry a big bag that doubles for a purse and everything needed for an allergy child.

Another accessory item that I am love seeing for the upcoming season is the rope belts and wraps. It’s great to see how some things that were considered as not fashionable or in style can or is being repurposed to be the in item or must have for the upcoming season. Just think back to those ropes bing used on farms and or to tie up bags of goods to be transported and will now be styled and or priced beyond it’s original intended use. I am here for all of it this year.

Which of the fashion looks or accessories are you most looking forward to styling this season?

The patterns, prints, materials and accessories we’re likely to be wearing this year.

Fashion lookahead: Seven major looks for 2020 — BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Sandra Ann